Thursday, April 17, 2008

Doing Some Castle Cleaning

Last night was my first foray into the land of drinking liberals liberally drinking.

It was a pleasure to see Jay again, although I didn't get as much time to talk with him as I would have liked. Likewise, I was fortunate enough to meet much of the Royal Court, including Sir Zachary the Blue Knight (I just love his work!), Hermes, the illustrious Illusory One, and Jason Haas. And of course, the lovely Lady Kay, Lady Debra, and the Mixter. There was even a libertarian spy among us. It was a pleasant surprise, as he didn't foam at the mouth nearly as much as I would have expected. There were so many pleasant people there, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. But as with Jay, I only wish there was more time to speak with all of these lovely people.

I also met with Sam Sarver, aka Brazen Maverick. Sam requested a boon from his King, which was gladly granted. Mav is now the Royal Lord High Executioner. But don't let the title fool you. B.M. is really a good sh*t. (Ha, I bet he thought I wouldn't do that!)

And I would like to point the gentle reader to the homepage of a good friend and co-contributor, Keith Scmitz, who I have overly long neglected to add to the blogroll.

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