Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fischer Is All For Violating The Constitution

Fischer is in full support of a bill that is currently going through the Florida state legislature. The bill would allow drivers to have yet one more specialized plate to put on their cars. This time it is one that promotes Christianity:

Now, I fully believe in the Constitution. This includes the first amendment. This amendment allows people the right to freedom of religion, meaning they can worship, or not worship, as they see fit. It also means that the state would not endorse any specific religion.

So, unless Fischer is so unpatriotic and unAmerican as to want to willfully violate the Constitution (even though he probably is), I am sure he won't mind a license plate for those that practice Islam:

or for those Devil Worshipping Atheists:

Mixter has other suggestions for license plates over yonder.

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  1. I believe the tiara with the inscription Wallah! on it has been passed to a new contestant.

    Mr. Fischer appears to have genetic traits or learned behavioral mannerisms of both Ms. McBride and Mr. Bucher.

    He has the writing talents of Ms. McBride (now think carefully about that statement before overreacting) and the undyling desire to work the government gig to his best advantage.

    Fischer has vacation days. Mssr. Bucher had sick days. They both may be on the right of the fine line of legal. Mr. Bucher had a salaried job that allowed him to work when he felt like it.

    If he were sick in the last ten years of his government gig he probably didn't feel like it.

    Fischer takes his days off and apparently continues to take his pay even when he exceeds the limit. But the State apparently is on to the procedure and seeks reimbursement the following year making it what, a short term interest free loan. Though, if it does not, it should constitute a violation of job rules or state law.

    But what about the question of ethcis, integrity and credibility?

    Are any of these the qualities we all want in people we hire to represent us, teach our children or enforce or interpret our laws?

    A hat tip to Cindy for sticking with the investigations until she got the answers.

    Kudos to Cindy for one more fact. She is more politically aligned with readers ....oops former readers of McBrides site and readers of "This just in"

    I just noticed he has his wife posting too. I assume that's pn her own time though. Kind of reminds me of the old "At home with Jess and Paul on Sunday Night Show"

    cap, do you have any extra tiaras?
    Maybe you could send one to McIlheran.