Wednesday, April 30, 2008


For those in the right wing who thought they had a horse to ride in the presidential election in first whipping up exaggerations about Rev. Wright and then looping over and over ad nausea his relationship with Sen. Barack Obama, the party's over and it's time to call it a day.

But buck up kids. You'll concoct another legend you'll attempt to hang around Obama's neck to avoid civil discourse which has that unfortunate aspect of talking about facts, which lately have not been kind to conservative policy fantasies.

Charlie Sykes of course is well aware that Obama has buried this problem. So in a flurry reminiscent of a man stuffing his face before the buffet closes up for the night, Charlie is letting loose with every snippet of the Wright stuff here, here, here, here and here he can lay his hands on before the lights are flicked out.

At least you have to give Charlie credit. He will have none of the charades of his right wing brethren who ten years ago were calling Hillary Clinton every disgusting name in the book and now want us to believe they are pushing her for president, thinking they are pushing the Democrats over the cliff.

At least you know which candidate his lacquered hairness really hates.

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