Saturday, April 26, 2008

This Says A Lot

Fischer wrote a post the other day, mocking those that are upset about the Franklin and Oak Creek Common Councils who approved some silly name for S. 27th St. (Why they just don't call it S. 27th St., I'll never understand, but then again, I'm not that pretentious. And don't tell me it's for attracting people. Hwy. 100 and Bluemound Ave. both do great without such silliness.)

Fischer apparently feels that this whole thing is rather silly, worrying about how the government is handling its business. Of course he would. I don't think he likes it when people pay attention too closely.
Even some of his four readers (I think they're doing some sort of penance) have to point out how he is still stepping over the line:

1 comment:

  1. Fischer often rails about government.
    But he works for government.
    What gives?