Monday, April 14, 2008

It's The Culture, Part I

One of Harris' favorite battle cries is "It's the culture!" He uses that whether he is talking about racism, gangs, teen pregnancy, the economy, disco, sardines, rabid aardvarks, or anything else you care to name. It's always the fault of "the culture."

So what culture does he blame for this picture that he posted?

To make matters worse, he starts calling Rev. Wright a fascist. Now, what the Reverend Wright said was irresponsible, but as a good friend pointed out, this was the same sort of philosophy that Dr. King espoused, but couched in much harsher terms that Dr. King would have used. My friend also pointed out that the Reverend has a right to express his feelings, as much as any one else. But Harris to points out what makes him believe that the Reverend is a fascist.

Furthermore, doesn't Harris wanting to quash the Reverend's right to speak, to condemn the NAACP for inviting the Reverend, and for being so irresponsible in his remarks, make Harris the fascist?

According to the dictionary, it would seem so. I think the vacationing Brawler would agree with me as well. And let us not forget that it is Harris that espouses that he owns his daughter. That would seem rather fascist as well.

Just one other thought. It strikes me that when Other Side put up a post with pictures of Scott Walker and Hitler, he was roundly criticized, by the left and right. This even continued when he explained the point he was trying to make with the first post.

Except for David Casper, who criticized both OS and Harris, there hasn't been a peep from the right. Does this mean that they are OK with this false comparison in some circumstances? Or is it that just not many people read Harris' hate-filled tripe?

SIDENOTE: Mr. Casper, leave a line with wherever you're writing now. I would like to add you to the Royal Blogroll.


  1. Correction: Regardless what others might have thought, the post was not a comparison of Walker and Hitler. There is no comparison. Hitler was a supremely evil man. Walker is simply deluded.

    The post was a thought piece on what the reaction to the two pictures side-by-side would be ... as the follow up post clearly described. In the same manner as the intent of the pictures of Justice Butler and the sex offender.

  2. Duly noted and corrected, Sir Other Side, Prince of Progressives.

    Please forgive my lapse. You see, I've been a bit distracted.

  3. First the important stuff. I can be found at:

    ...the address is easy to remember because it has my name in it, unlike my street address, which is just a bunch of random numbers and an unrelated word, which explains why I have such a hard time finding my way home.

    As for the issue at hand, I think that both gentlemen could have gotten their points across without resorting to the use of Nazi imagry. OS, I understand where you're coming from, but the use of Hitler in the image, even though you believe it makes your point, actually overshadows it.

    Imagine having to work with someone who's a known dumbass. You know he's a dumbass, your co-workers know he's a dumbass, your boss knows he a dumbass...hell, even he probably knows he's a dumbass. And you can point out dozens of reasons why he's a dumbass. But the moment you're sitting in a conference room with all these people, and you call him a dumbass, nobody's going to recall anything you say about why he's a dumbass from that point on. They're all just going to be focused on the fact that you just called someone a dumbass!

    And now, with having managed to work the word dumbass into a comment that many times, I'll stop.

  4. I love it...

    How true David!

  5. Dave, as I wrote later, I didn't preface the experiment well enough and it came out being a much more coarse statement than I had wanted.

    It was kind of a dumbass thing to do, but it surely did engender some lively discussion. And you should know me well enough to know I did not intend to disparage Walker in that way, even though I care little for his politics.

  6. OS, to be clear, I wasn't calling you a dumbass, I just liked using that word as many times as possible.

  7. That goes for me too OS...

    I just thought David's story was funny. He has a way with words (or a word) that cracked me up...and I needed a laugh today!

  8. Nah Dave or Fair Play ... I wasn't upset with either of you. Criticism is a healthy part of discourse and I'm pleased to say I think I took it well. For the most part from most of the commenters, it was deserved.

  9. Besides, i thought dumbass worked well in my response, too.