Thursday, April 10, 2008

Friday Night Fischer Fry On Thursday

As I mentioned yesterday, Cindy Kilkenny was not with her investigation into Fischer. Today, she shares with us some of her findings.
She writes (emphasis hers):
When trying to determine vacation benefits, the senate human resource department sent me to this state benefit site. According to this, as an exempt employee with less than five years employment, Fischer should be using 120 hours per year of vacation. I don’t know if he has prior state employment that would increase the benefit. I do know he was let go from a TV station in October of 1996. Even if he had more, 5 to 10 years is 160 hours, and if he’s worked for the state since 1996 that would be 176 hours.

I’m getting somewhere with this, I promise.

Fischer consistently defends his time spent on WISN as his own. He takes vacation for it. When he filled in every day the week of 12/3 to 12/7, it’s on the time sheet for 2 hours each day. Lots of other WISN/vacation days line up, too. (He’s got most of the dates on his blog.) The wild thing is, in 2007 - even with September’s number unk(n)own - Fischer claimed (and Lazich signed off on) 209 hours of vacation. Ok, I thought, there’s something I’m missing.

I checked to see if compensatory or “comp” time is used. No, the time sheets all call these hours vacation, even though there is a box for “comp” time. An e-mail to Senator Lazich confirmed that she doesn’t keep overtime hours, so there’s nothing to draw against. Maybe it’s personal time - the site says employees gets an extra 4 1/2 days. Yes, there are actually 5 1/2 days or 44 hours called personal. The state gives 36, so I’ll back 36 hours off. That’s 173 hours of vacation sans September.
Her investigation is not complete yet, but it is looking like Fischer is practicing some of that Republican math to balance the time sheets. If her numbers keeping coming out the way they are looking, he's not looking too good.


  1. Can we just call it "unique" math and leave "Republican" out of it?

  2. Actually, when I wrote that, I was thinking of the U.S. economy and how we are told that this is all good. How they get good out of those dismal numbers in definitely an unique type of math.

  3. Republican math extends well beyond keeping track of vacation time to the entire status ofthe eceonomy.

    Capper as they say, you aint seen nothing yet. Ask some volunteer economy student to review history.

    I did my own for self gratification. In election years you get the good twists the positive spin. The economy is so "Bushed out" they couldn't defer the bad news and the crooked workings of his banking buddies until after the election.

    I think it was the eloquent trial lawyer (during his abysmal attempt to fool the voters into sending him to Madison) that said "Hang on to your socks. You ain’t seen nothing."

    Maybe if the "teacher bashers" would have paid aqttention in math class we would have a better state and nation than the mess we are in today.

    Ask Belling and Sykes to name one good thing about the economy (other than their salary) created by the famous Bush tax cuts.

    Tell George. Even the republicans are saying, I knew Ronald Reagan and you sir are no Ronald Reagan.

    He is truly closer to Dennis the Menace or Linus.