Friday, April 18, 2008

It Must Be Something With The Water

The WISN radio station really ought to have their water supply tested. I think some of those pharmaceuticals have gotten into it and it is affecting their employees.

First we saw Fischer having delusions of grandeur. The same issue must be affecting Belling. From his column from this week, he is whining about the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Dave Umhoefer winning a Pulitzer. Mark, who isn't even a nominee, like Whallah! goes on this strange train of thought:
It probably hacks off the editors of this paper that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel managed to win a Pulitzer Prize after a 31-year drought. I think it’s amusing. So unaccustomed is the Milwaukee paper to win awards for anything that they are plastering the Pulitzer designation on the paper’s masthead EVERY DAY. How long do you think it’ll be up there? One month? One year? Until the Rapture?

It’s kind of like the guy who never scores a touchdown. When he finally gets into the end zone, he dances and preens away. The most amusing thing of all is that the paper won the big award for a follow-up on the news story they most badly bungled - the Milwaukee County pension mess.

The original pension story - the one that led to the ouster of the county executive and recall of several board members - was broken by a Web site and ignored by the J-S for weeks. Better late than never, I guess.

As for the envious editors here who would love to win a Pulitzer, I have a suggestion.

Enter my column.

Apparently not only does Belling suffer from delusions of grandeur, he also has a bad case of Pulitzer envy.

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