Sunday, April 13, 2008

He Don't Know Much, Do He?

After Sir Zachary left a comment, which reflected this posting, on Fischer's ego trip post, (which incidentally was posted at 10:10 pm-any guesses on the volume of liquid courage he consumed to write such drivel?), Fischer posted a comment back. Said comment was an attack on Zach, and indirectly on Whallah! :
The lefty bloggers never have an original idea of their own. Every day they wait to see what Charlie or Patrick or Jessica or I write, and then they post nasty attacks.

Nasty? Tell us where we ever lied, ever told one falsehood. If it's nasty, then look at your own behavior.

Well, we got some more news for Fischer.

Every contributor at this site also has their own site, or a number of sites that they write on. How many does he have? Just that poorly written one. Oh, make that two, he also does Lazich's work for her as well. I certainly hope she is saving taxpayer money by paying him based on quality and not quantity.

And Fischer, you may want to read the banner on the top of the page, if you even have the testicular fortitude to come hither. Especially the part about:
Committed to the monitoring of the local right-wing media and exposing their lies, hypocrisies, and foibles, so that you don't have to.

This is what Whallah! is all about. To expose your lies, your misdeeds, your hypocrisies, and your foibles. (Boy, do I have a story about his foibles. Some people just don't know how to act in public.)

Did Fischer ever think that if he wasn't so malignant, so hypocritical, and such a fool, we wouldn't bother with him? And does Fischer even realize that he only came to our attention due directly to his vicious, adolescent behavior?

No, Fischer, we don't need you. We don't even want you. But as long as you act the fool, we will shine the light on your reprehensible behaviors and attitudes.


  1. capper, why are you so obsessed with Kevin Fischer?


  2. Sir Zachary,

    Tis the job and rightful duty of any good King to protect his kingdom and the good people therein safe from invaders, visigoths, and other assorted barbarians that would try to pillage, plunder and cause mayhem in their idyllic lives.

    Thus I have no fear and stand guard for such wicked, little monsters like yonder Fischer. If he tries to do harm, he will feel the taste of my wrath, by all that is holy (and unholy).

    The King has spoken. So shall it be.


  3. Sometime its a good strategy to isolate your focus on one enemy of those that are trying to serve the public good such as the green knight rather than shotgunning at all the self serving egotists in the the forest.

    By the way Fischer mught just be more self agrandizing than Belling.

  4. Anony,

    This site was focused on such a premise. It doesn't work as well. Besides, the number of them is great, but so are our numbers.

    Not only that, intellectually, any one of us by ourselves has all of them outnumbered. It just wouldnt' be fair to them to focus on one.

  5. capper the anon may have a point. McBride no longer has a radio show. she rarely pollutes the blog world. her husband is onlu heard from when he shills for candidates she used to hate. you underrate your power.

  6. btw capper nailed one point. if this site were limited to explaining Mcbride's posts, he'd have to find a part job or take up a new hobby.

  7. Ah, but my wonderful, loyal liege, thou dost forget two things.

    One, Ms. McBride lost her show before I gained my rightful place on the throne of the Hate Left.

    Two, she has chosen to diminish her presence after Whallah! had expanded its range and focus. Perhaps, she became afraid when she saw the true majestic power of your most humble King, and his intrepid diligence and fierce protection of all that is good.