Saturday, April 12, 2008

Linking With The Enemy

A new and frequent visitor and commenter here at Whallah! is Kate, the young lady that runs the blogsite called Ol' Broad.

She has a style of posting that is at times similar to Owen Robinson, with a lot of linking and few words, but at other times, she does offer her own take on some things.

Kate and I don't rightly see eye to eye on some things. OK, we disagree on almost everything. I find some of her stuff rather hateful and spiteful. Sometimes, some of her commenters are truly over the line, and say things that wouldn't be allowed even here, which is a "left hate site" according to some.

However, Kate and I have had some lengthy conversations, both here at Whallah! and at her site. These conversations, while failing to convert one or the other, has led Kate to recognize that the left isn't necessarily a bunch of socialist, communist, moon bats that want to destroy America from within. We just want to make America even better than it is.

Although Kate has some reservations about Whallah!, and finds that some of our work gets too personal, she has given us the privilege of being one of the few, maybe the only, liberal site on her blogroll. In the interest of fair play (not to be confused with my lovely friend, Fair Play) and reciprocity, Whallah! is adding the Ol' Broad to our blogroll.

Go give her a visit, if you so wish, but behave yourselves. You are going as representatives of your King, and I want to continue to show the world why I have such pride in my good people.


  1. Sometimes the links speak volumes, so I don't have to say anything. Heh. Besides, I prefer to link my sources, don'cha know.

    And I thank you sir. But, hateful? naw.... just call it like I see it. LOL

    All comment are know, that 1st Amendment thing! :)

  2. Ah, yes, Kate, but the First Amendment isn't all encompassing. There are certain things that aren't allowed, even under that.

    But, hey, your blog, your rules.

  3. Heh. You'd be surprised at how many comment I have deleted from idjits! As long as they don't take it to attacks on the messenger, I allow the message.

    Only banned one person...well, two sister in law and her husband. There was one other, but he was such a putz, I'm not going to waste time trying to remember. :)

  4. Hardly the first Liberal link for Kate, My Liege.

    I've been a raspberry seed under her dentures since before she moved to WordPress and she's been kind enough to link to THC for the better part of a year.