Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lesson One: Don't Go Up Against The Pundit Nation

Harris, in an obvious moment of delerium, tries to paint Carter as the worst ex-president ever.

That's just more of the usual blather that comes from the right. The interesting part is when Harris gets schooled by a bunch of commenters, led by our own Mike Mathias, of Pundit Nation.

Read it for yourself.


  1. Jimmy Carter . . . the worst ex-president in American history.

    Well .....James T....assuming you are correct ....he better enjoy the title while he can because in almost exactly nine months the title goes to a new champion!

  2. Carter vs. Bush: "This time it's personal! Let's see, gas prices way up: check both, difficulties with foreign affairs: check both, economy a mess: check both...

    The blood of America's youth on his hands fighting a war which included the first preemptive strike by this nation against a sovereign nation since Chivington attacked the peaceful Cheyenne at Sand Creek Colorado? Bush has it, and now leads the worst president race by a rather substantial margin. (In this humble author's opinion, undertaking war without necessity, and especially against the wrong country, for purely personal reasons, and the subsequent watching of other mother's sons and daughters die, is about as bad as a President can get...)

    One more item decided the debate: Which President, for all his faults, had good intentions? Carter

    Which operates for the benefit of wealth, his friends, both here and in Saudi Arabia, and by his actions proves that he doesn't give a tinkers damn about trying to do right by the American people? You make the call...

  3. Going into the 15th and final round the judges have GWB ahead on 6 pointson all cards!