Saturday, April 12, 2008

Fischer's Follies

Barack Hussein Obama steps in it again

That's the title of a blog entry last night by Kevin "Excessive Vacation" Fischer, one of this blog's favorite conservative bloggers.

What's most interesting to me about the blog title is the fact that the inclusion of Barack Obama's middle name really has nothing to do with the substance of the blog entry, and given the following warning from Fischer, I can't help but think his use of Obama's middle name is nothing more than a pathetic attempt to draw some attention to his blog entry. Here's the disclaimer:

NOTE TO READERS: If you intend to leave a comment, please stick to topic. Any comment referring to my use of Obama's middle name will be considered off-topic and removed immediately. Thank you.

What amuses me the most about Fischer's warning is the fact that the inclusion of Obama's middle name in the title of his blog entry has nothing to do with the actual substance of the blog entry, making the inclusion of the middle name off-topic.

Keep up the good work Kevin!


  1. My middle name is Ann. Does he relate that to Coulter somehow? It makes the same sense. Two people in the world share a very common name and that means.........nothing. What an asshat.

  2. That's what passes for "wit" for guys like Fischer. He has figured out that a man's middle name, something he has rather little control over, can be used as a political point aimed at those with I.Q.s significantly below room temperature. I guess that means that we can all assume that Fischer must be one heck of a great chess player...due to his last name.