Sunday, April 13, 2008

Image Is Everything

Almost every company, every movement and even many people, use images to help identify themselves.

Everyone is familiar with the Nike Swoop, Obama's campaign symbol, Superman's S, just to name a few examples.

It's just good marketing.

So, in light that Kevin Fischer feels a little persecuted lately, I, in an effort to help the man out, got my Royal Photoshop Technicians to use their mad photoshopping skillz, and create a logo for Fischer.

They got to work, and here is the results of their endeavors:

I hope he appreciates it.

NOTE: Original photo is from Milwaukee Magazine, as was identified here.


  1. Good idea, but I think you should make all the faces red, with 3 different background colors. (Not to convey the Republican, right, and conservative meaning of red, but
    ANGER is what Kevin's all about.)

  2. Ummm, are you going to credit Milwaukee magazine for the artwork?