Wednesday, April 9, 2008

In A Hole? Just Dig Deeper

Dad29 has put his foot into it. In a poorly thought out post, he basically accuses the high number of rapes in the armed services on the victims. Whether or not this is the way he meant it, this is the way it came out.

Jay at folkbum's and Grumps right here at Whallah! called him out on it.

Instead of apologizing, or trying to clarify, he defends his statements. Then things get uglier. In responding to a former military man, he writes (emphasis mine):
No, actually, Sancho, the post says what I said: Women do NOT belong in the military.

You can fantasize all you want about other "meanings," if you wish to make it clear that you cannot read.

Thanks for your service. Now learn to think.

Isn't that the kind of crap that got John Kerry into so much hot water in the last presidential election? And if that wasn't bad enough, he tries to defend his position at Jay's site. But not in a good way. Instead, he starts resorting to ad hominem attacks and in trying to distract from the point by expressing selective outrage.

He follows this up with blaming Bill Clinton for soldiers raping their comrades in arms. Remember that when the right tries to attack people for wanting tighter gun control, with their arguments about it being the shooter, not the gun. They can't have it both ways.

Now, I've had public and private conversations with Dad. He is a very intelligent man, and does have a fairly good sense of humor. However, he can also be quite block-headed at times (like all of us).

I've made my own fair share of blunders in the blogosphere (I know, it's hard to believe, isn't it?). Some big and some small. I have found that the best way to deal with them, as in real life, is to admit you screwed up, and to move on. Most people respect a person that can admit an error and apologize.

But when you are in a hole, it's never a good idea to just keep digging.


  1. I know it's just piling on but Kevin Fischer seems to agree with Dad29.

  2. Fischer wobbles and waffles but I think at the end he calls Dad's point "absurd."

    The alternet posting there shows just how far beyond the pale these folks are.