Friday, April 11, 2008

Ask And Ye Shall Receive

There are those who've been asking for "just one" example of a lie from the SCoW campaign of Micahel Gableman or his supporters. "Just one," they prattle as if it would be so easy to narrow down.

Neener, neener, "Just one." Okay.
Butler, a former public defender, is such an extremist on the rights of
criminals that he has been dubbed "Loophole Louie" in reference to his
willingness to overturn convictions.
There ya get a threefer from one of the emptiest of the talking heads. Bellowing needs some fisking here.

By "an extremist on the rights of criminals" he means that the former Public Defender believes that all citizens have the right to representation at a fair and speedy trial. The former Justice also believes in giving a client the best representation possible.

That brings us to Big Fat Lie Two. The nickname dates to well before Justice Butler was ever on the bench. belling and the other lying liars would have the voters of the state believe that, somehow, a judge who voted with the majority of his peers 70% of the time was out of the mainstream.

That leaves only the most egregious, slimiest, most Sykesian lie for last. The "loophole" that lies at the root of Justice Butler's nickname is The Constitution. The same document which, with a little luck these days, protects us all is what PD Butler used to defend the rights of his clients.

"Just one" you want? Just wait. Belling's mouth will start moving again soon. You can have your lie then.

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