Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Growing Influence of Whallah!

You know you gotta be doing something right when you become a part of the everyday lexicon on both sides of the aisle.

From our own kr, who left a comment at folkbum's (emphasis mine):
Well, this is a by-product of this Democratic contest dragging on. If it were down to one Democrat and McCain, Wallah! The concern trolling, which is the usual cynicalness of these guys, would evaporate.

And from the conservative side, a posting from Cindy Kilkenny (again, emphasis mine):
On this blustery day with the “s” word in our extended forecast, it’s time to look for diversions. Try out this Japanese site that ages photographs online. Follow your instinct to upload a photo from your computer. Wait patiently, and whallah! (I know it’s a bit of an inside joke.) Before you know it you’ve a photo that looks like it came from Grandpa’s barn.

Today, the blogsophere. Tomorrow, the world!


  1. Wallah! I read a post on here where they called McB's site Media Tatters. Don't know if it was a typo or not. But that is one place we won't see "Wallah!" any longer

  2. Holy moly, that photograph aging site is addictive....

  3. So have any insiders squealed on what's happening inside the now members-only Media Taters?

  4. Emily, glad you like it. I admit to wasting some bandwidth on it myself.

  5. John

    I saw this on Wigderson's site so if he has member privileges he isn't saying. He is a pretty staunch supporter so I would assume he would know. Maybe they had to take an oath. Like Omerta or something when they got the secret handshake and password.


    Kathy, that was a left-wing site making fun of Paul Bucher doing defense work. And since Jessica is still writing her column and doing other projects, I would suggest that nobody has "quieted her down."

    I suggest people stop speculating about what they don't know. I also suggest Pridemore stop making a jackass out of himself before he draws a real opponent - Democrat or Republican.

  6. By the way, is this a left-wing site?