Sunday, April 27, 2008

McIlheran Is Unfit To Be On MSJ's Editorial Board

Seeing that McIlheran has enlightened us that Senator Barack Obama shouldn't be the President of the United States because of such egregious violations such as knowing someone once who said something that someone found offensive and not even wearing a flag pin on his lapel, one would presume that McIlheran would hold himself to some basic levels of decency, right? Wrong!

Illy-T shows us that McIlheran, who is on the editorial board of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and thereby has some say on who gets into the "Best of the Blogs" section each Sunday, has picked Peter DiGaudio of Texas Hold'Em Blogger to be in this week's edition. Illy-T writes:
The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel runs a feature every weekend called the Best of the Wisconsin Blogs. It's in the hard copy paper too. This week the Best of the Blogs is represented by an incoherent two-paragraph diatribe inspired by the "genius" of Rush Limbaugh, some nonsense about "the Hildabeast" and "Shrillary" and Republicans disingenuously masquerading as registered Democrats.

High calibre stuff, clearly.

Jay Bullock also points out that Peter is able to call people "limp-wristed girlie men, weenies, pansies and sissies."

None of this should come as a surprise to McIlheran, who was already confronted on this person, who likes to refer to Hispanic people as "chattering chihuahuas." Not only did McIlheran not distance himself from this person, he defended these offensive behaviors.

Nor has anyone shown any accomplishments by McIlheran that shows he is worthy of this position at the paper.

And after being prompted by Jay's comment at this post, I searched the Web, but could not find one picture of McIlheran sporting an American flag pin on his lapel.

Clearly, McIlheran is not qualified to be on the editorial board of the paper, and by having him there, it endangers all the people in Wisconsin and society as a whole. I strongly urge the powers that be at MSJ to remove him from the board immediately.

Clearly, this anti-social, America-hating, hypocrite is not worthy to be on the editorial board of the the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

As a replacement, I would recommend Tim Rock, but we still have been unable to locate him at this time.


  1. On those damn flag pins......are they making them so small that I can't spot the one McCain wears? Because I haven't seen one on him. I don't recall seeing any on Hillary either. In her defense, I wouldn't wear one that clashes with my good jewelry either...seriously. I barely wear my donkey pins.

  2. i would simply leave it alone and go to rest and cool down ...
    does not worth it