Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A readership of one

So, will we have Jessica McBride to kick around any more or not? WisPolitics reports:
In what may be a temporary move, conservative blogger and newspaper columnist JESSICA McBRIDE has closed off public access to her blogs -- McBride's Media Matters and Election Watch Wisconsin. Visitors are now greeted with a screen asking for a password to read the sites. "I have restricted access to only the blog author -- myself. It's not a situation where some can read it and others can't," McBride explained in an e-mail to WisPolitics. McBride said she doesn't have the time to blog right now, but wanted to leave herself the option of re-opening the blogs later: "I restricted access because I might blog again in the future when I get more time, and I didn't want to delete the blogs."
And what would have been wrong with just leaving them up? Afraid people would keep commenting?


  1. Interesting but I have another theory. But then theories are like.....brains ....some people have one. Actually I was going to say something else but out of respect for Wallah, I'll say brains.

    Anyway back to my theory. Maybe she has a more paranoid or sinister reason for not wanting people to read what she posted (did she ever allow others to post?) or comments hse left online.

    Recall that a lot of her posts were referring to some candidate's election campaign and some people are currently questioning Mr. Fischer's posting, working and vacationing activities.

  2. Hmmm...guess I hadn't thought of that.

  3. You know, it's all still cached in google if you want a spring project.

  4. Nice thought Cindy but I believe you will get the same sign in log.

  5. No, not if you click below where it says "cached" instead. I found several pages worth of links that were cached.

  6. Uhhhh she didn't allow uncensored comments, so maybe she didn't even like to read the comments and censor them.

    But I think, me too once in a while Cindy,she closed it off because it was embarassing that no one was reading or commenting. Did you check the comments from Elction World Wisconsin. I think there were tow or three. The only real attention was the blasting she got on the blogs that supported Justice Butler and they shredded her version of logic. Didn't she also accuse Justice Butler of some criminal actions with respect to his postings and accuse him of making more conservative rulings than he would have made if it was not an election year?

  7. McBride certainly gets more attention not hosting, not posting and not radio blogging. Maybe she ought to try not teaching and not writing for the Freeman and her popularity would really soar. But curiosity sometimes gets the better of me. So does anyone remember the date she started to hibernate? And do any of the lawyers or computer literate know how to search and retrieve a complete lists of cases her husband has been involved in since he quit the DA office and entered private practice? The statistics teacher in me wants to do some analysis.

  8. Dear Cathy44exchil:

    You can copy this code for a list of Bucher's cases:;jsessionid=1F45746D51630552A46AB0434FA62B9B.render2?cacheId=193124F19627E5C5B64D2F30D6F3B5C2&offset=50&sortColumn=1&sortDirection=ASC

    I know it's quite a mouthful, but I couldn't figure any way to give you a nice hot link.
    Paul E. Bucher is attorney license holder #1014958

    His e-mail is

    D. A. Buchs! That is the cutest, cuddliest nickname I have ever heard.

    What if Jessica forgets her password? Will her writings be lost to history?
    Don't worry, has access to the wayback machine.
    She can run. She can shut off access to the blog. But she can't hide from the MilwaukeeWorld Hound Dog Team!


  9. I have the posts saved in my Google Reader back to at least early November.

    To answer cathy44exchil, posts started slowing at end of '07.

    8 posts on Dec. 19, 1 on 12/20 and 4 on 12/21. then this pattern (repeated date means multiple posts):
    12/28 12/28 1/2 1/3 1/7 1/9 1/9 1/9 1/10 1/15 1/18 1/20 1/20 1/22 1/24 1/24 1/24 1/29 2/2 2/4 2/13 2/13 2/13 2/13 2/14 2/15 3/7 3/8 3/9 3/9 3/18 3/18(new election blog launched) 3/30 3/30 4/5 4/6

    Don't have Election wisconsin in the reader so can't help on the frequency of those posts

  10. Thanks,for the info. Do any of her students read and comment here (that is obviously addressed to them)?

    I have heard comments about her energy level and enthusiasm in classes declining as well. (I am obviously not a student but have a relative that is.)

    I'd be interested in other students thoughts if they come here.

  11. Cathy44-

    Would you please email me?


  12. Good grief! I agree with Mr. or Ms. Anonymous. I just thought McBride's explanation, that no one had access, was worth noting.

    Can't we move on now?


    Surely you are kidding?


    Surely you are kidding?