Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Gee, Now Why Did That Happen?

Sykes spent some time talking about and blogging about (OK, linking to others blogging about) how poor little Michelle Malkin got booed and jeered at UW Madison.

Gee, I don't know why anyone wouldn't fall over themselves to be gracious to a woman who belittles a 12 year old that nearly died, invades the family's privacy, and then lies about the family as well.

Maybe it's just because she was rude to her audience. From her own writing:
UW-Madison rivals Berkeley as the moonbattiest of university campuses. It’s the home of notorious Truther Kevin Barrett, impeachment zealots, and anti-military
recruiter thugs
. No pies were thrown, but within 20 seconds of the start of my talk, an unhinged member shouted “Bullshit.” That was the response to my simple assertion that entry into this country is a privilege, not a right. After making the painstaking case for systemic reform and immigration enforcement, another student shouted out that I was “dumb fuck”–at which point I invited his fellow basket cases to go ahead and use the opportunity unleash any other epithets and ad hominem attacks they were dying to articulate. “RACIST!” they inveighed. Hope it provided some therapeutic benefits. My gracious CR hosts apologized profusely for their profane classmates. But the potty-mouthed fools only embarrassed themselves–and provided us with many comic moments. I really do feel very sorry for the parents paying for their “education.”

She's a regular Ann Coulter, isn't she?


  1. I don't suppose she became defensive because the audience itself, instead of behaving like grownups, decided to start the whole event off by making rude remarks? Just a thought.

  2. Kate, Malkin, like Coulter, has a reputation for being shrill and offensive. I'm sure some went to her appearance for the sole purpose of protesting her presence, but I wouldn't rule out her starting out on a bad foot.

  3. Hmm.... I rather like Coulter's sarcastic sense of humor. Can't imagine why. Heh.

    Malkin? I prefer her in print. :/

  4. Coulter's sarcastic sense of humor?

    Defending her could bring all sorts of moon bats out, Kate.

    She is not humorous. Just an egotistical, mean-hearted, prejudiced, ignorant little tick turd. She is about as offensive as they come.

  5. Capper, I agree that Coulter is offensive and is generally and routinely a discredit to conservatives. However, how is Malkin's paragraph, which you quote, indicia that she said anything inappropriate at her speech?

  6. I wouldn't trust anything Malkin writes as to be gospel truth. I have a hard time believing that she was the pure victim in this incident.

    I do not in anyway condone the boorish behaviors of those people that were so rude, but cannot wonder how she contributed to the matter.

    It would be like the child that relentlessy badgered another child, until the second child hauled off and hit the first. Then the first goes crying about getting hit, without looking how they may have provoked that response.

  7. But you suggested, or at least implied, that "her own writing" shows she was rude. It just does not.

  8. Ok, we'll leave Coulter aside. :)

    I read the excerpts you posted, looked at Malkin's site, and I've yet to see what she said that would elicit the response of B.S. Stating that entry into this country is a privilege? How would a truth be so offensive? It is a privilege to be here, in the greatest country, with the greatest freedoms. Is this a bad thing? Am I missing something?

  9. Overall picture, Kate. Look at the big picture.

    Immigration is a privelege, but one that has become increasingly difficult and rife with corruption. Remember the part of "taking the poor, the huddled masses".

    As I said before, she has a history, which probably biased some people. And so far, the only account I've seen is hers. Quite frankly, I wouldn't believe her at face value, given how she has been caught telling quite egregious lies.

  10. What lies? Honestly, not being a wisenheimer here...

  11. Oh yeah....I remember that case. I also remember the Baltimore Sun doing quite a piece on that family. Which, sad to say, is no longer available. Hmmm...