Saturday, April 12, 2008

Well Said, Ms. McBride

Jessica McBride may not be blogging as much, but she still does write for the Waukesha Freeman. In today's article, McBride, in all seriousness, does a splendid job giving credit to David Umhoefer at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for his Pulitzer Prize.

She also accurately points out that Mr. Umhoefer's glory would not have been possible if not for the ground work done several years ago by Bruce Murphy, who is now the editor at Milwaukee Magazine. Mr. Murphy was the person who broke the original pension scandal story that shook Milwaukee County.

Ms. McBride's column was so well done, that Whallah! is recommending it for reading, and is willing to overlook the couple of snarky comments she couldn't resist flinging at MJS


  1. A southern gentleman once commented to me that even a blind squirrel find an acorn once in a while.

    My version is that even a broken clock is right TWICE a day.

  2. All journalism, like art, is derivative.

    Ideas flow. Nothing is genuinely "original."

    Gretchen Schuldt was first with news on her blog about pension shenanigans at the County because she had been a county reporter at the Sentinel and had sources on the board.

    Trying to figure out where a story starts and ends is ridiculous.

    David Umhoefer wrote a great story, not just a good one.

    His award is completely deserved.

    The nitpicking is annoyning.

  3. McBride is still the woman that would prefer a defense attorney that acts as a prosecutor rathenr than Justice like butler that defended his clients when that was his job.

    Her philosopohy didn't change with one article.