Friday, April 18, 2008

Taking A Holiday

Seeing as that McBride has gone underground, Sykes has gone across the pond, McIlheran has been MIA since Beer Day (wonder if there's a coincidence there), and Fischer and Wagner are such lightweights, that your King will be going to tour his summer castle* for the weekend.

Hopefully, my cohorts, Zach, Other Side, Grumps, Xoff and the rest will keep you up to date.

Be safe and behave, my good people.

*I know it's small for a King like me, but it is only the summer place.


  1. Pay no attention to the tiny, scarlet fishes with which I've stocked the moat.

    They're just red herring to fool your enemies.

  2. capper, have a nice time, and we'll try our best to keep your fan club happy.

  3. Where oh where is the king of the hate left when we really need him?

    Did you read the Freeman Column by the newfound leader of constitutional rights?

    Mrs. Bucher is accusing Rep. Don Pridemore of not respecting someone's 1st Amendment to the US Constitution rights?

    Mrs. Bucher who has what three blogs that she never let anyone post even one comment without censoring it first to make sure SHE APPROVED of what they were saying first?

    Mrs. Bucher who accused Supreme Court Justice Louis Butler of changing the way he would have ruled on cases to facilitate re-election in an election year?

    Mrs. Bucher who now has closed off her blogs because she is busy and won't allow anyone to read what she wrote or her readers wrote?

    Mrs. Bucher has the audacity to affront the ethical behavior of Rep. Pridemore for even considering legislation that would make campaign finances more transparent?

    Mrs. Bucher who wants to limit citizen's constitutional rights to vote to those people that possess a form of identification she approves of?

    Capper, dear king, I hope you had a great vacation in your summer palace but please give us your thoughts when you return.

  4. Jessica said Paul is too busy working on a case to even be aware of the Pridemore controversy and rumor. What I hear is that his job is so slow that he spends most of his time getting ready to play Marathon Man and seeking donations for his upcoming run. I tried to get the link in the other post to work to see which is more acurate but the link did not work.