Monday, April 14, 2008

Does Kevin Take Charlie's Advice?

Even Charlie can't help coming down on the self-absorbed Kevin Fischer. He left some advice for Kev before he bolted for vacation. (Just as an aside, do you suppose Charlie calls the Star Of The Blogs for advice on taking vacation time?)

Let's see what Charlie has to offer the Star of All Media.
You are not entitled.
Charlie probably just wants Kevin to stay humble.
Your navel is not that interesting. Don’t spend your life gazing at it.
Good advice in this case.
Looking like a slut does not empower you.
It's good to have friends to help with your image, then.
You’re offended, so what? No, really. So what?
Well, that just seems gratuitous Kevin. What could Charlie be thinking?
Your sex organs were not meant to engage in high order thinking or
Or this, either.

Ah, well. Charlie? Do you have any last advice for Kevin? If there was one, most important thing you could say, what would it be?
No matter what your daddy says, you are not a princess.
I think that's mean, Charlie. Get real. What one thing should the Star of All Media know?
Being connected does not mean you aren’t clueless.
Maybe we'd just better go and leave these two alone.


  1. Grumps I think Capper will be pleased.

    Thanks to your link offering, Kevin's title is really supposed to say: "A "new day" in Franklin...what the hell does that mean?"

    Someone must have edited his title to make it more "blogger friendly."

    Now it reads: "A "new day" in Franklin...what does that mean?"

  2. As Kevin Fischer would say, "This just in:"

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  3. They can dish it out, but they cannot take it.

  4. Sheesh, and I just paid her a compliment, too.

  5. capper i am sure you are an invited guest. try using "king of the hate left" as your password.


    Perhaps she got mad when I tagged her with Elliots meme.

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