Saturday, April 12, 2008

Fisking Fischer's Failed Fisking Foibles

Now, I will admit that I am not a resident of the fine city of Franklin, and I do not follow their politics very closely. But it is pretty obvious that Fischer and our own Green Knight, Greg Kowalski are on opposite sides of the table in many aspects.

Apparently, some of the candidates that young Mr. Kowalski was backing won. Not only did they win, they also survived a recount. As is the norm in the blogging world, he put up a post to celebrate this fact.

Fischer, either forgetting the flack he received from his last round of suburban style hate, or hoping to add to his two previous appearances in Milwaukee Magazine, or just lashing out because he is feeling the heat of the deep fryers, decided to lash out at Mr. Kowalski.

Fischer tries to fisk the Green Knight's post, but only manages to make himself look like the petulant child that didn't get his way. Let's look at it shall we? Kowalski's original statement is italicized, and Fischer's response in normal font. I shall respond in between.

Fischer's first attempt is this:

It was truly a pleasure to see Franklin Aldermanic candidates vie for a position without resorting to dirty tactics. This statement suggests that there were dirty tricks in the past. Would Greg be willing in a future blog to outline specifically what he’s talking about? I’d be very interested, wouldn’t you?
Or it could be that Kowalski was just glad to see clean campaigning. Perhaps, being a Republican, that concept is foreign to Fischer.

a new day looming for Franklin. Greg sees changes coming. But remember, Greg is grammatically challenged. He uses the word “looming.” By definition, that implies that bad things are on the horizon. Is that because two incumbent aldermen were defeated? Explain, Greg.
My copy of Webster's defines looming as "To rise and to be eminent; to be elevated or ennobled, in a moral sense." Perhaps it's the moral thing that scares Fischer.

I would like to believe that the people of this fine community stood up and said enough's enough relating to many issues. People aren't huge fans of backroom negotiations and discussions relating to properties near their homes or in key corridors or districts. Again, I’m dying to know what secret, inside information Greg is aware of. Would he please share? What backroom deals is he talking about?
Fischer only cites part of Kowalski's sentence. In reality, the sentence starts with the phrase "From my own observations and discussions with Franklin residents..." The secret, talking to people instead of at them. That's not so hard to figure out...for most people.

Many individuals would like to become more involved in the governmental process by being in the know of issues that they're curious about. I hope that’s true. That means more Franklin residents, if Greg is accurate, will turn out at all kinds of city meetings. Don’t hold your breath.
So now Fischer starts to insult the other citizens of Franklin. Why does Lazich keep him on the payroll? Or doesn't she care about the upcoming election?

As I've noted in the past, the city needs to be more open on bringing in the community when it comes to issues such as future planning goals and our civic center. The goal is commendable. But again, what specifically is he talking about? Every meeting is open to the public. If people want to be involved in the process, they need to show up at meetings or contact their elected representatives.
Oh, I don't know, maybe they could make more of an effort to let people know when meetings are, encourage their involvement, ask them for their input. Those ideas must be too foreign to Fischer to think of on his own.

People begin to wise up a bit when they're promised reduced taxes 3 years ago if they support an extremely pro-development Council, but yet see their levies jump higher and higher afterwards. Now I’m really curious. OK, Greg. Who specifically promised lower taxes three years ago and what did they say? If you can provide specific info, the people who made such promises need to be held accountable. What does “extremely pro-development” mean?
Again, Fischer omits the lead-in sentence, where Kowalski writes, "I like to believe that residents are becoming more aware about development and how it affects their taxes on a yearly basis." This means Kowalski is expressing a belief, not a cold hard fact.

Not only that, but the people that made those promises were probably the ones that didn't get elected, eh? And really now, doesn't the man own a dictionary?

Development needs to be done right and not in the current haphazard method. Greg, please define “right” and “haphazard.”

Fischer, please consult

My advice to Fischer would be to stop being such a sore loser, and start worrying about your own behaviors. Maybe, he'd like to clean up his time sheets or something, to keep himself out of trouble.

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