Tuesday, April 29, 2008

If McIlheran Ruled The World

On his blog, McIlheran writes a rather long and convoluted post in a feeble effort to defend the illegal actions taken by Neil Noesen. Noesen was the pharmacist that refused to provide medication, in this case, birth control pills, to a client, and was subsequently fired for this. He is now trying to take the case to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Basically, McIlheran's arguments boils down to is that the pharmacist should have the right to refuse service, if he is ethically opposed to giving the medication to a client, based on his religious beliefs.

Ironically, McIlheran, who is all for sending our young men and women into harm's way to fight a theocracy, wishes that this country was a theocracy. Unfortunately for McIlheran, and fortunately for us, this isn't a theocracy, but it is a land of laws. The law states that the young women has a right to receive the medical treatment that her doctor has prescribed for her, whether Noesen agrees with the morality of it or not.

We all have had jobs that required us to do something unpleasant or that we disagreed with. But we all found either a way to suck it up and get it done, a workable way around the issue, or got the heck out of their and pursued a different career path. One can only speculate why McIlheran finds this concept so hard to grasp.

For a more learned look at the legal aspects of this case, I would refer the gentle reader to either that Rick Esenberg fella, or own fave legal eagle, the Illusory One.

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