Monday, April 21, 2008

Is Wiggy going Whallah!?

From the Library and Pub:
Is Mary Lazich stealing Kevin Fischer's sandwich from the office 'fridge and this is his subtle way of telling her to knock it off? Fischer explains why lunches are stolen at the office and who are the likely culprits.
But who in their right mind would want to eat what Fischer eats?


  1. It looks like the far right has gone far out. The big man is trying to shore up his buddy's failing blog. Fischer's been cut to his knees. He has to either beat up on that kid in Franklin or let his wife post before he can get anyone to comment.

    Wiggy's left a mercy comment on Fischer's site if you want more proof.

  2. Hey - I'm no kid!

    However, my last name has caused me much grief with the dear King. More grief than the nonsense I read about me on THE MAN's blog.