Thursday, April 10, 2008

Lots Of Sour Grapes To Go Around

A concerned reader emailed his King and asked for a boon. Said reader pled for Whallah! to point out some of the hypocrisy of the right.

Sykes, Belling, and the rest of the right wing echo chamber, after the election a couple weeks ago, have been all over the left with cries of "sour grapes", which was fueled by some in the state legislature calling for a change in how justices are placed on the bench of the Supreme Court, and talking about appointing them, as opposed to general elections.

Our faithful reader points out, with keen accuracy, that it was just a couple of years ago that the right was gnashing their teeth and complaining about the state ethics board, that wouldn't let Green just transfer money around willy-nilly. There they go again throwing their rocks throw the walls of their glass houses.

I also recollect that early in the year 2001, the right didn't have a problem at all with what was supposed to be an elected official being appointed. In that case, it happened to be SCOTUS appointing a president. It would appear that there is some sort of precedent for that sort of thing.


  1. Oh capper, that sounds like even more sour grapes. While I agree (it scares me) with many on the Left that our process for picking judges needs reform, there is no inconsistency with opposing appointing judges and opposing an arbitrary decision by an appointed kangaroo court. Both suggest that free elections are the way to go.

    As for 2001, get over it. First, every analyst finally conceded that Bush would have won in any event. And second, the pro-election conservatives can logically endorse election of judges while asking the courts to rightfully ssert their jurisdiction.

  2. Hey, Croc,

    I would prefer a free election myself, but something definitely has to be done. The last three election cycles (Gableman/Butler; Zeigler/Clifford; Doyle/Green) were absolute mockeries of what an election should look like.

  3. Oh, and I have seen articles, although I can't remember where, that showed a full recount of the entire state would have gone to Gore.

  4. (not being snarky) If I understand your comment correctly capper, the fact that the Dem candidate lost in those three elections proves there something wrong? I don't get it. It sounds to me like you are saying the voters who elected the judges weren't voting their conscience?

    O/T: I'll be adding another blog from the left to my roll. :) Just cuz it's my roll and I can!