Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bad, Cindy! Bad!

But when she's bad, she's pretty dang funny!

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  1. Good work Cindy. It's a one way street you know. Those that complain can attack good people like Louis Butler, but don't dare do anything reciprocal.

    i.e. McBride

    Saw this at WP&L

    I saw somewhere they referred to Bucher as loophole Paul. Not very imaginative. Irregardless of his knickname if he runs against Pridmore, IMHO, it's Don that will be doing the clubbing. At least Paul took the first right step and got his bride (pun intended) quieted down. But there is so much to bite him in his single year as Ben Matlock or Perry Mason that his government career is likely over.
    Kathy | 04.24.08 - 4:53 pm | #


    Kathy, that was a left-wing site making fun of Paul Bucher doing defense work. And since Jessica is still writing her column and doing other projects, I would suggest that nobody has "quieted her down."

    I suggest people stop speculating about what they don't know. I also suggest Pridemore stop making a jackass out of himself before he draws a real opponent - Democrat or Republican.