Friday, April 18, 2008

Pride Goeth Before A Fool

Fischer has found a group of young people of which he can take real pride.

It's not any group noted for scholarly achievements.

It's not a group that wants to end the debacle in Iraq.

It's not a group of youngsters that want to bring freedom to Tibet.

Nope, none of that. He takes his pride in a gang of thugs who want to make it easier for another Virginia Tech massacre.

Apparently for Fischer, and people like him, there just isn't such a thing as too much bloodshed.

UPDATE: For a more thoughtful and well-written piece on why this group is such a bad idea, please check out the wonderful Emily Mills.


  1. I am a lifelong firearm owner, so should be a natural ally with the NRA and Fischer's "let's arm everybody" attitude. I am not.
    Present day Mogadisu Somalia and ninteenth century Deadwood South Dakota are pristine examples of the falacy of the "arm everybody" argument. In such conditions blood flows freely. It is said: "Anything good that can be accomplished with guns has been accomplished in Somalia."

    Take note that there are no time shares to be purchased there.

    It should come as no surprise that persons who believe national issues should all be solved with bullets believe that domestic problems should be as well.
    Most interesting to me, personally, is that in my youth I shared such ideas. Only with the seasoning of time and carefully listening to other opinions does, or should, a mind embrace the fact that it has been wrong. Youth has had no time to grow and thus can be forgiven, Men of Fisher's age have no such defense.
    In fact life is, or should be, a continuous series or realizations that one has been wrong.
    Sadly, those who believe most firmly that they are always right remain most wrong of all.
    -Soft Words and Broad Swords-

  2. As a natural extension of the "let's allow everybody to carry concealed weapons and make things safer" argument, I assume that Mr. Fischer would be in favor of allowing concealed carry at all government buildings, including the state capital. Anyone of college age may apply.

    If Mr. Fischer publicly declares that would be a safer policy than the current weapons screening he enjoys at HIS place of employment, I will at lease believe his is serious. If he does not, perhaps by his actions he indicates that when it is his (insert the word of your choice here) on the line, he prefers a more reasonable approach.