Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Audacity Of Hypocrisy

Sykes puts up a post, complete with video and a copy and paste job, of a Reverend Eric Lee, President/CEO of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference of Greater Los Angeles.

The story is that he said some pretty awful and anti-Semitic things. This is not condoned by Whallah!

What else is not condoned is the way Sykes portrays Lee. Sykes would leave the reader with the impression that this is similar to the Reverend Wright story. It's not. Lee supports Obama, but not as a close ally. Just as one of many Americans that support Obama. If every candidate had to distance themselves from a crackpot that said something stupid, and said they liked that candidate, that is all they would have time to do.

McCain alone would have to disavow just about every conservative squawker out there.

What is really egregious on Sykes part, where he reaches a new high in hypocrisy, is that he is making a big deal out of Lee's anti-Semitic remarks. After all, Sykes is the one that thought photoshopping the Star of David into a Nazi Swastika was "brilliant" and "pure genius." He is also the same one that belittled local religious leaders that politely asked him to take the hateful, anti-Semitic post down.

How does he look at himself in the mirror?

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