Saturday, April 5, 2008

Living And Dying Off A Prayer, Part II

Writing about the tragic case of Madeline Kara Neuman reminded me of other atrocities that have occurred, and may still be occurring, in the name of religion over the rights of a child.

As I mentioned earlier, Tim Schilke, writing at GMToday, reminds of other children that have died via religion:
Some comparisons have been made between Madeline’s situation and a 2003 Milwaukee case, during which a 2-year-old autistic child was crushed to death by a family pastor during an "attempted exorcism." But that case does not appear to be a direct test of the faith healing exception, due to the additional physical harm added by the pastor during the exorcism. In that case, the pastor was convicted of a lesser form of child abuse, a charge that is hard to imagine for the Neumann parents, considering the sad state of Wisconsin statutes.

Another local case that didn't get nearly as much publicity occurred ten years ago. The case involved an allegation of child abuse that was committed at the Greendale Baptist Academy.
The allegations involved the principal striking students with an instrument. I saw pictures obtained during the investigation that showed welts on the child's back. As the case was being investigated, the child told the social workers that several other children were being likewise maltreated.

At the time, the GBA was also affiliated with Bob Jones University, who was a supporter of then Governor Tommy Thompson. Before the investigation could start, the Thompson administration intervened and delayed the investigation. This prevented the social workers assigned to the case from following protocol. This, in turn, led to a lawsuit that ended up in the State Appellate Court, which ruled in favor of the GBA. The right wing American Family Association crowed about the successful fight against "Big Brother." What they did do, in reality, is advocated for and perpetuated child abuse.

The AFA claimed that the parents' rights were violated by not being notified before the investigation. The fact that they didn't need to be under state law was undermined due to the length of time before the workers were allowed to do their job. Totally ignored in this case were the rights of the children.

I have no problem with people practising the religion of their choice. That is a constitutionally protected right, after all. But, as with all other rights, there are limits, and that limit is when it infringes on the rights of others. Under State Statutes, spanking is legal, but is shouldn't be done with an instrument, or so hard, that it leaves a mark. Then it crosses into child abuse. In the case of GBA, and with Madeline, the children's' rights are being violated. Not only that, these children are vulnerable, whereas the parents are not. This alone should give priority to the well being of the children overall.


  1. I'll post this here although it is off topic because McBride would not post it on her censored remnant of a blog.

    Isn't it amazing that this adultering home wrecker who is married to a repeat adulterer feels she has the right to cast stones from her own glass house.

    I don't recall Mrs. Bucher III calling the talented Jane Hampden a gushing, laughing host for a state university-operated radio station when she appeared on the program and pumped up her own biased failing blog.

    And speaking of the University, I'll straight out ask Ms. McB, did you use state equipment, time and other resources in promoting your husband's failed campaign as you used you failed raido talk show?

    I wouldn't personally use the C word or the B word to describe someone with her dual standards but the H word sure comes to mind. and so she doen't imply something else, it's hypocryte. And it is available for lookup in the online dictionaries if our journalism whatever doesn't understand the meaning.

    The degeneration of the blogosphere as a credible source of information wasn't enhanced by her campaigning for her own personal trial lawyer in his abysmal attempt to beat a younger inexperienced but credible candidate for Attorney General.

    Neither was credibility enhanced by her posting an alleged letter from a catholic church leader in an attempt to garner votes for someone with diabolically opposed views to her because her husband got the opportunity to have his name splashed all over talk radio stations. Does the H word come to mind again?

    Maybe your husband would also like to respond to the reports that he visited a strip club in Milwaukee on several occasions while he was expoundung and protecting family values in his previous life.

    If the stories are false, a simple denial would suffice. If they are true, it would be interesting to know if the guys had an abstinent designated driver on each visit.

    I suggest the real reason McBride is posting less is the fact that sites like Wallah and the site of the individual she is castigating for actions no worse than her own point out the hypocrisy and don't let her post her biased opinions as stated facts without taking her to task on them.

    When the Bucher family opens their closet door and discloses all the skeletons lurking within, we all may take her more seriously.

    For now, I'll view it as the usual way hypocrytes focus attention on others to avoid scrutiny of their own acts.

    See you in church Jess and Paul

  2. Poor Paul. He really is unhappy with his new situation despite the facade he puts on every day and the cheerful greetings he extends to all his former associates whenever he comes home. I know he is unhappy defending pedophiles and other bad guys because he told me so.He is really down right now because he realizes he could have been the new member of the supreme court if he had gone for it. But I say poor Paul mostly because everytime his wife does or writes something that draws negative attention, it hurts his chance for another to serve the public as he did for so many years. He hasn't said for sure, but I think he has his sights set on one more opportunity. Let's hope.

  3. You know, Anony, this is the kind of comment I would consider deleting. After all, doing the personal attacks is more of a right winger sort of thing.

    But before I made a rash decision, I wanted to see that to which you refer. After seeing it, the comment stands. Hell, I may even use it as a post.

  4. Wis. Stat. 346.63(1) says:

    No person may drive or operate a motor vehicle while Under the influence of an intoxicant.

    Exodus 20:14 says:

    Thou shalt not commit adultery.

  5. Boy, Jessica McBride sure isn't one to attack anyone else for the bad decisions they've made, considering how own history of bad decisions. She's shown just how despicable she can be, and it's a shame some people still consider her a journalist.